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Essential Information

Where we work

Our products and services are available throughout Manitoba, so our people can be found throughout the province.

Located in the Polo Park and Fort Garry neighbourhoods of Winnipeg, our head office is spread out across several buildings. Departments such as Community Support, Finance, Corporate Communications and Social Responsibility, Marketing, IT, Internal Audit, Procurement and many more are found here.

Located in various towns and cities throughout Manitoba, these retail outlets employ cashiers and product experts.
From our office in Morris, Video Lotto staff provide maintenance and business services to our Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) network throughout the province. Some positions require travel.
Located in Winnipeg, Club Regent Casino and McPhillips Station Casino employ people in many areas including table games, slots, food and beverage, customer service, housekeeping, security, promotions, and much more.
This warehouse/office location is a distribution centre for lottery products and other business assets. In addition to warehouse personnel, several other departments are located in this Weston neighbourhood site.
Located in Winnipeg, our distribution centre employs people involved in the logistics behind importing and distributing liquor throughout the province.
These are independently owned and operated. Our employees do provide service to these businesses through our offices in Winnipeg and with in-person visits.







Types of Employment

Permanent full and part time
Term full/part time
Seasonal retail
Summer Internships

Seasonal Hires

We recruit for casual Seasonal Courtesy Clerks on an annual basis. Starting in the last week of September and running until the first week of October, Liquor Mart managers accept resumes in store. You are encouraged to apply at more than one Liquor Mart. Set a reminder in your calendar so that you don’t miss the hiring period!

Throughout mid-October Liquor Mart managers conduct interviews with candidates and check references. Individuals applying to a bilingual store will be required to take a French Language Assessment.

All casual Seasonal Courtesy Clerks’ employment will end after December 31 of the same year. Seasonal Courtesy Clerks may be rehired to work in our stores throughout the year.

Étudiants embauchés pour l’été

Nous nous sommes engagés à offrir une expérience de travail enrichissante aux jeunes inscrits à des programmes scolaires en leur offrant des postes dans des secteurs tels que les finances, le marketing, les communications, les activités communautaires, la sécurité, la technologie de l’information, les ressources humaines et la vente au détail dans le cadre de notre programme d’embauche d’étudiants pour l’été.

Les postes disponibles sont annoncés ici la première semaine de février.

Le programme d’embauche d’étudiants pour l’été est un programme de 14 semaines offert de mai à août.

Les étudiants doivent être âgés d’au moins 18 ans et être inscrits à une université, à un collège ou à un programme de formation professionnelle reconnu.


Newcomer Internship Program: We are committed to providing new Canadians with the tools they require to succeed in the Canadian workforce. Each year, a number of candidates are selected to participate in a one-year work experience program. Opportunities at head office and Liquor Marts are designed to prepare interns for future employment here or with another organization.

Aboriginal Internship Program: In addition to work experience, this program offers insight into the operations of a government agency. Participants have the opportunity to develop their skills and obtain exposure in our industries, thereby gaining tools for successful integration into the labour market.

Persons with Disabilities Internship Program: We offer work opportunities for people with various levels of physical and developmental ability. Each year, a number of one-year work experience internships are offered at head office and Liquor Marts.

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