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Purpose, Goals & Values


To enrich the lives of Manitobans by:

  • Meeting the needs of the Government by making the greatest possible contribution to the economic and social well-being of the Province of Manitoba;
  • Anticipating the needs of customers;
  • Enabling our employees;
  • Engaging private sector partners and suppliers in sound business practices and mutually beneficial relationships; and
  • Supporting local communities in a way that matters to Manitobans.



  1. Deliver net income for Manitobans
  2. Invest in planning, technology and continuous improvement to ensure long-term fiscal performance
  3. Attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce by creating an engaged, enabled and safe workplace
  4. Evolve to meet the changing needs of our customers and partners
  5. Deliver positive impacts to Manitoba through sustainable and responsible business efforts


We aspire to live these values in all that we do to enrich the lives of Manitobans.

Everyone Matters – We care about each other, our communities and the environment by being genuine, responsible and considerate.

Keep Promises – We take pride and ownership in making and meeting our commitments.

Better Together – We work together in an open, respectful way to produce and deliver outstanding results.

Courage to Explore – We foster an environment of idea sharing, continuous learning and improvement, and push beyond what we have today to what is possible tomorrow.

Customer Focused
Great Experiences – We listen to our internal and external customers so we can anticipate, understand and respond to their needs.

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