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Media Advisory Regarding Liquor Mart Controlled Entrances

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Media Advisory Regarding Liquor Mart Controlled Entrances

The Tyndall Market Liquor Mart is re-opening today with its new controlled entrance. With the introduction of this new anti-theft measure, the way customers shop at Liquor Mart has changed.

At Liquor Marts with controlled entrances the inner door is locked. Customers will be required to provide valid photo identification which will be scanned at the security station before entry into the store is permitted. Minors, including small children, are no longer allowed in the Liquor Mart, even if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

While the Tyndall Market Liquor Mart is one of the first Winnipeg locations to be fitted with a controlled entrance, it is not the last. This location was selected because the entry was large enough to support the installation of an entry ID check while remaining wheelchair accessible without major renovations. Over the coming weeks and months, the controlled entrance program will be expanded to all Winnipeg Liquor Marts. While this initiative is being implemented, we will continue to work with the Winnipeg Police Service and expand their presence at Winnipeg Liquor Marts.

Going forward, we will not be providing any additional operational details about the controlled entrance program that could compromise further security efforts, nor will we be sharing any specific information regarding its scheduled roll-out. Publishing these types of details only exacerbates the situation by arming thieves with information about Liquor Marts and our theft deterrent measures, which may make stores more vulnerable.

As a modern retailer, we have tried to balance employee and customer safety with an enjoyable shopping experience. Unfortunately, the brazen thefts that have inundated us over the last 18 months has left us no option but to take these drastic measures.

All media is reminded that filming and photography in Liquor Marts is currently prohibited. We have provided high-resolution photos and video of the controlled entrance/security booth at Should you wish to interview customers, we request that you do so away from the entrance and exits so as not to impede customers wishing to access the store.

We have also provided additional information on controlled entrances and photos ID and as well as general information in an expanded FAQ section on



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